Do you want to play anonymously? An account on Roblox gives you access to a virtual world that has millions of games. You can use Roblox and create games both from a computer and from a mobile device and stay private and stay private with your email. It is worth noting that all this is free.

Fill out all the necessary forms to register on Roblox on a computer but use temp mail service:

  • date of birth;
  • user name (it must be unique);
  • make up a strong password and enter them in the next two fields;
  • choose gender;
  • click on the green button “Sign up”.

If you are registering using a mobile device, then the registration is a little different:

  • you need to enter a date of birth;
  • indicate email.

If you do not want to use personal mail for registration, it is better to do this using a temp email. Its main advantage is that it disappears after a while. To create it, there are many sites, which will provide you with it in a few seconds on the Internet.

Before you start registering on Roblox using temp mail, let’s first find out what it is and what it is for. You can generate temp mailbox and check it here

After entering temp email for Roblox, you will need to confirm it. Even a student can handle this simple process. Go to the mail you specified and copy the six-digit code. Paste this code into the Roblox registration field. Next, come up with a username, password and select a gender. All registration is completed.

Games in Roblox are created in various genres. Both boys and girls can use it

Many games have official promotional codes that you need to buy, or they may drop out randomly. You can play without promotional codes, but then you deprive yourself of many bonuses and gifts.

You can pay money for a code or buy something. You can also use a non-honest way to get promotional codes. Many codes on the Internet can be downloaded free, but the site administration prohibits their use. Therefore, do not take risks and choose honest ways to get a promotional code.

You should remember that codes could be used several times, after which they become invalid. You should not keep track of the relevance of your code. The administration of the site will do this for you. If your code loses relevance, then you will receive a message about this.

Temporary email address: