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Use the TempMail.zone mail service to get temp mail. Forget about spam, advertising spam, hacking. Keep your real mailbox clean and safe. To start using temporary email, just copy the email address that was automatically generated for you. It will run for 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Question

Tempmail.zone service is an email client that works like gmail, bing, hotmail, outlook and other services. To get a temp email address, you just need to open the main page of the service and copy the address at the top of our site. It is unique automatically generated for you and ready to go.

Temp mail is also called one-time mail because it can only be used for 1 hour. Then it is deleted, and can never be created again with the same name. All data in the mailbox is also deleted too.

No, you don't need to register to get access to your temp mailbox. Your account is completely ready to work at the moment you generated it. Login, password, and your name are not needed.

Usually, temp mail is used to quickly register on sites or forums, which may subsequently send you spam or advertising content. Also, temp email is often used to register on dating sites or other similar services, where you need to specify a fictitious address. Developers and testers use our service to test their applications, websites and other products.

Temporary mail tempmail.zone can be used like any other mail for any purpose, without restrictions.

We use self-development software and the most modern encryption tools that allow us to guarantee 100% protection against hacking of the service or disclosure of personal information of temporary mail accounts of our users.


The temp mail service is a stand-alone software that works without additional connections to external sources. The temporary mail mobile application is just a small program that can be installed on your phone. By itself, it cannot create, receive, or store emails. The app is the linked between you and a webmail client like tempmail.zone. Using the application can be comfortable, but in no way replaces the work of a temporary mail service.