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This is your temporary email box. Here you can view incoming emails and store your received mails history. If you have not received the expected email, you need to wait for a little, we update the temporary mail server every 30 seconds, so information about the received one-time email may not appear instantly.
Our service works correctly with all popular mail services, you can send and receive emails to Gmail, Yahoo.mail, AOL, Outlook, Zoho, Mail.com, ProtonMail, iCloud Mail, GMX Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Yandex Mail, etc.

Functions for your temp mail:

  • You can delete the current temp email address, with all content, permanently;​
  • Change your mailbox email address;​
  • Force to update your mail account if you don't want to wait for automatic updates;​
  • Copy the email address to the clipboard by simply pressing one button if you want to use it on a third-party website.​

​​How to create temp mail ​

We automatically generate a unique temporary mail for you when you open the https://tempmail.zone/ page. Your address is listed at the top of the site. Use this address to register and access your website. One time email confirming registration will appear on this page.​

What to do if the received letter is not displayed correctly

The content of your temp email may not be displayed correctly due to the encoding used by the sender of the email on the site where you register. To fix the encoding of the letter, contact the support service on this page. Specify in your request:

  • your disposable email address;
  • who is the sender of the letter with incorrect encoding.

Privacy and security. Who can see my email information?

The content of your e-mail is protected with the RSA algorithm. Its content is available only to its owner. The peculiarity of the Tempmail.zone mail service in the unique technology for identifying the user who owns the mailbox. The content of a mailbox is available to its owner if these conditions:

  • mail-box exists and stores information only for 10 minutes after creation;
  • the owner of the generated mailbox keeps the temporary mail service page open.

Can I use multiple email accounts at the same time?

Such a possibility. You can use an unlimited number of accounts. You can also request the service API to automate the work or connect your site to the tempmail.zone mail service.​

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